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Category Archive for: ‘program ignore’ is the leading fast forward program for startups looking to raise funds, develop a winning product and build an accelerating go-to market sales machine. Our team of serial entrepreneurs has a track record of over 20 years in building world class companies, from early stage technology ventures through hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and on to large exits. Over the years we have worked with many different companies and in the process have raised over $100m for startups at all...
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The Process

The program is executed with our team in an organised process. It runs over 90 days in weekly face to face meetings in our beautifully designed offices, with ongoing offline preparation and review of materials. We only work with two or three companies at a time which enables us to dedicate the time and effort to work with you and really understand your business. If the program's focus is on fundraising, we capture our progress into an evolving investor presentation. If the primary focus...
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