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Sales Machine

Go to market

One of the hardest things for companies to do is change their go to market way. The distribution channels, sales process, pricing and the services and support around the product are the least flexible part of a company as they deal with customers who are used to do business in a certain way and are reluctant to change. Therefore the way that you sell your product can dramatically increase your differentiation and expand the barrier to entry for competitors. In the program, we focus on finding...
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The Process

The program is executed with our team in an organised process. It runs over 90 days in weekly face to face meetings in our beautifully designed offices, with ongoing offline preparation and review of materials. We only work with two or three companies at a time which enables us to dedicate the time and effort to work with you and really understand your business. If the program's focus is on fundraising, we capture our progress into an evolving investor presentation. If the primary focus...
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