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An idea that works

At the core of successful companies there is a powerful differentiating idea. The idea is easy to understand and immediately "positions" the company in the mind of prospects as fundamentally different from the competition. Such an idea is called the "positioning" of the company. It is an essential building block of its "sales machine". The best army of sales people will not be able to sell a bad idea. But when you have a strong competitive positioning presented as a simple to understand idea,...

Designed around your uniqueness

Successful companies duplicate a sales transaction around a winning product but in order for the sales machine to work, the product must show the idea. It must be "built tight" around the positioning in a simple and intuitive way. Any demonstration or usage of the product should clearly show how the product and the positioning are one. In many cases this simple observation is ignored. The potential investor or prospect is asking to watch a demo of the product and there it ends. The audience is...
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