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Go to market

One of the hardest things for companies to do is change their go to market way. The distribution channels, sales process, pricing and the services and support around the product are the least flexible part of a company as they deal with customers who are used to do business in a certain way and are reluctant to change. Therefore the way that you sell your product can dramatically increase your differentiation and expand the barrier to entry for competitors. In the program, we focus on finding ways to leverage your positioning idea into your go-to market strategy. We design your repeatable transaction and sales machine around your unique competitive advantage. The program builds a detailed sales operating plan using a bottom-up approach that starts by modelling your sales transaction, showing how it scales and building the organisation around it. This concept is fundamentally different from the top down, budget oriented models that companies typically use, which fail to provide insight into the business. Overall, you will get a whole new level of understanding of the business and a tool for building and managing a scalable sales machine. At the same time, it provides a uniquely powerful tool for fundraising. It allows you to communicate with investors through a credible execution plan focused on your sales transaction and its scalability.

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