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Successful companies duplicate a sales transaction around a winning product but in order for the sales machine to work, the product must show the idea. It must be “built tight” around the positioning in a simple and intuitive way. Any demonstration or usage of the product should clearly show how the product and the positioning are one. In many cases this simple observation is ignored. The potential investor or prospect is asking to watch a demo of the product and there it ends. The audience is lost in all the features and technical stuff and fails to see the idea. The product must be designed as the vehicle to present and sell your idea. Otherwise, sales people will have a hard time explaining the differentiators. Consumers will not “get it” on your web site. Investors will doubt that you will be able to scale since they know that if the product does not sell your idea, the idea will not easily spread. When ideas don’t spread, sales don’t scale. Your product does not have to include all the features that customers ask for but it must be tightly designed around your positioning idea and act as the transport that sells it. With this concept, your product provides the basis for building a repeatable transaction and a sales machine around it. The program will enable you to define product priorities and what you should build in order to truly enable a scalable model. We do that by looking at the product in connection to the positioning and the design of the sales machine, following a unique methodology that we have developed over more than 20 years of experience.

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