Fast forward your startup
to a fundable position
office phone: +972-72-214-8770 is the leading fast forward program for startups looking to raise funds, develop a winning product and build an accelerating go-to market sales machine. Our team of serial entrepreneurs has a track record of over 20 years in building world class companies, from early stage technology ventures through hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and on to large exits. Over the years we have worked with many different companies and in the process have raised over $100m for startups at all stages of growth. We have come to understand what makes startups succeed and also why most of them fail. The program is the first program to target the critical success factors and address the key problems that might lead to failure. Successful startups build a repeatable sales transaction around a winning product. They are “duplication machines” that repeat a sales transaction over and over. Investors are attracted to companies with such “sales machines” and most of the hard questions you will face are the result of them trying to understand just that – why and how you will scale and how will you keep the competition away. “Better in execution” is not a good answer for a startup. You need to come up with a fundamental, credible idea and with a plan for success. That’s what the program is all about.

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