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The Process

The program is executed with our team in an organised process. It runs over 90 days in weekly face to face meetings in our beautifully designed offices, with ongoing offline preparation and review of materials. We only work with two or three companies at a time which enables us to dedicate the time and effort to work with you and really understand your business. If the program’s focus is on fundraising, we capture our progress into an evolving investor presentation. If the primary focus is on the go to market phase and accelerating sales, we focus on the core messaging that will build your sales presentations. In both scenarios, the sales machine is developed using our proprietary tool with the final results exported to Excel format. We recognise the fact that while executing the program, the company must continue to operate and meet its obligations and the program is designed around that fundamental requirement. With a proper notice, we will be able to adapt to your travel schedules and will be flexible in scheduling the meetings to reflect any changes in your availability, provided that the program must be concluded in 90 days.

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