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How to stand out from the competition
and what happens if you don’t

In this highly engaging and amusing talk, Yochi explains how to design a powerful positioning idea that captures the “difference that makes a difference”, how to tightly build your product around it and how to implement your go to market strategy. With these powerful tools you will be on the right track to fast forward your startup to a fundable position.

Startups From Mars – Investors From Venus
How to raise money for your Startup

This talk is about the make or break part of any startup – raising money. What is it that makes fund raising so frustrating and why do so many startups fail? To convince investors, you have to understand their language, how they feel and why they invest, or not. This presentation will provide you with a totally new way to think about fund raising and with time proven principles that will dramatically improve your chances of getting your startup funded.

The startup MAZE RUNNER
navigating the minefields of startup fundraising

THE STARTUP MAZE RUNNER is about the maze full of traps and minefields that startups have to cross in order to raise funds from investors and how to avoid them. It is a must see for anyone trying to raise funds or pitch their story to investors.

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