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Yossi Oulu

Yosi Oulu

Yossi has over 25 years of experience in the high tech industry. He is widely regarded as a technology visionary who combines unique creative technology skills with a deep understanding of the business side and the end user’s point of view. As early as 1989, Yossi started his own software house. He then moved into Mercury Interactive when the company was a still startup in its early days. At Mercury, Yossi was the creator of LoadRunner, which became the world’s leading Load Testing product. Under his leadership for over 13 years, LoadRunner grew from a drawing board idea into the industry’s de facto standard . Along the way, Loadrunner successfully grew its market share against several generations of competitors. When Mercury was acquired by HP for $4.5B, Loadrunner had a market share of 70% and its sales reached over $1B. During his 13 years long career at Mercury, Yossi held the positions of VP R&D, Load Testing and VP Technology. In those roles he was the technology visionary behind many of Mercury’s acquisitions, technology integrations and new product ideas. After Mercury’s acquisition by HP, Yossi worked with many startups as a consultant, advisory board member, investor and coach. Yossi holds B.Sc. in Computer Science, with honor, from the Hebrew University, M.Sc. in brain research, with excellence, from Bar Ilan University and coaching certificate from Tel Aviv University. As a side interest, Yossi also studied acting and took a leading role in an Israeli feature film and dozens of other small movies.

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